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Pelvic Floor Therapy Clinic In Royal Oak

We Provide Pelvic Floor Therapy

Our pelvic floor therapy is essentially for women recovering from child birth and also those with bladder issues. We also deploy effective medical techniques in providing solutions to vaginal prolapsed and bowel dysfunction. Our techniques have helped cured inconveniences with the bowel movement as well as painful sex. We provide service, meeting every pelvic needs and disability.

Get reliable Pelvic floor physical therapy at Royal Oak Physio, Chiro and Massage Clinic

Pelvic Floor Physical therapy utilizes the principal treatment approach to provide an effective, structured and safe reconditioning approach to Pelvic Floor muscles. The ultimate goal of this treatment is to improve the overall function and strength of pelvic floor muscles by elevating pain, dysfunction and weakness in the muscles. During the therapy, our skilled therapist accesses the muscles through the vagina or rectum, stretching them to improve their functioning and strength. Our therapist will decide whether they must stretch or apply resistance to improve strength, especially if the pelvic floor muscles are dysfunctional or weak.

When is Pelvic Floor Therapy recommended?

Pelvic Floor therapy targets pelvic floor muscles, connective tissues, and ligaments, all of which work together to support Pelvic organs, support the body in controlling bowel and bladder movements. The chain of tissues presents in the body attached to the pelvis, sacrum and tail bone  are coordinated to support the reproductive organs and urinary tract, including the prostate, uterus, rectum, bladder, vagina and urethra. They are responsible for providing pelvic stability and promoting the proper function of pelvic organs, such as voiding and sexual function, together with breathing and posture. However, when Pelvic muscles fail to work , as they should, the body will experience pain and symptoms that disturb the body’s normal functioning. For this support, you can visit the Pelvic Floor therapy clinic.