Royal Oak Physio, Chiro and Massage Clinic

We Provide Vestibular Rehabilitation

We help clients maintain balance and coordination by providing effective vestibular rehabilitation therapy to injury sustained clients. We aim at achieving gaze stability, posture stability as well as focus and muscle movements. Our techniques have been seen to solve clients’ dizziness and light headedness

Get Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy at Royal Oak Physio, Chiro and Massage Clinic

Vestibular Rehabilitation is the evidence-based approach that helps manage vertigo, dizziness, balance, postural control issues, and motion sensitivity due to vestibular dysfunction. People going through Vestibular impairment commonly experience issues with motion and gaze stability; therefore, in Vestibular rehabilitation, we focus on resolving issues related to dysfunction or pathology. However, our treatment approach depends on the pathology, and every patient has a different presentation.

At Royal Oak Physio, Chiro and Massage Clinic, we carefully consider the onset and progression of your condition, your episodes, symptoms and other details related to your medical history. Then after designing the rehabilitation therapy. It comprises a combination of advice on modifying the day-to-day activities that help you to retrain and reset your vestibular system. With a little guidance, treatment can be carried out conveniently. These therapy sessions will limit the system agitation and often include an extensive home exercise plan to follow between the therapy sessions.